Based on the ideology of ‘zero waste’, the lean programs teach how to implement lean methodology, understand what the minimum viable product could be and create the quickest and simplest steps to impact.

Playing Lean

Duration: 2 hours

Description: A game designed to start your entrepreneurial approach to business or your startup.

Learning Outcome: An introduction to the lean methodology, and how to work best on limited resources for a successful outcome.

Lean Canvas

Duration: 1 hour

Description: An explanation of the lean canvas, examples and case studies and questions regarding your own idea for each section.

Learning Outcome: A completed lean canvas for your idea or business with an understanding of what differientates you or your product.


Duration: 2.5 days

Description: An immersive program that encourages people to collaborate in an intensive way to help solve a problem. Facilitated by MCIC staff and problem-specific judges and mentors.

Learning Outcome: Agile team work skills, judge validation of your idea and a key skill or understanding of an area of education or society.

Want to learn more?

The MCIC Foundations team can answer your questions about how to access one or more of our suite of Entrepreneurial Endeavours with your UNSW team, club, society or business unit.