Integrating entrepreneurship education into your coursework

Entrepreneurial Endeavours is a suite of programs designed to help introduce students to the methodologies of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and making.

Delivered in a supportive and collaborative environment, these programs will allow students to hack, design, prototype and tinker, to help them build  skills and unleash their inner entrepreneur.

Based on the ideology of ‘zero waste’, the lean programs teach how to implement lean methodology, understand what the minimum viable product could be and create the quickest and simplest steps to impact.

Creating human centric solutions to the worlds current and future challenges, design teaches students techniques to ideate and develop ideas from various perspectives in a creative and fun way.

Skill based learning to design and build physical prototypes for the manufacturing of solutions and projects. Students will learn to utilise tools and technology for digital fabrication including laser cutting and 3D printing.

Students will learn the industry standard techniques to communicate their ideas to different audiences, build confidence in networking and how to position themselves and their businesses for profitable and professional outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Endeavours

The Entrepreneurial Endeavours are a suite of initiatives to develop entrepreneurial capabilities in all our students, staff and recent graduates. Our workshops and tutorials are designed to augment and enhance your course offerings; you can pick and choose from a menu of options and it’s free by collaborating with UNSW Founders.