Creating human centric solutions to the worlds current and future challenges, design teaches students techniques to ideate and develop ideas from various perspectives in a creative and fun way.

Design Thinking

Duration: 2 hours

Description: A fun and collaborative introduction to the fundamentals of creative problem solving, learning and implementing the process and framework of Design Thinking. 

Learning Outcome: An understanding of the creative process of Design Thinking and introduction to an entrepreneurial mindset.

Design Sprint

Duration: 3 hours

Description:  Applying the fundamentals of Design Thinking to create a team solution(s) to a key problem. A solution driven exercise in team work, creativity and approaching a common problem with a new entrepreneurial mindset. 

Learning Outcome:  A (multiple) sketch prototype based on key user personas. A shared team understanding of the key challenges around the problem statement.

Product Sprint (3 hours)

Duration: 3 hours

Description:  Design and development of a minimum viable product prototype for initial product testing.

Learning Outcome:  A physical craft minimal viable product prototype.

Product Sprint (3 days)

Duration: 3 days

Description: Deep understanding into the product design, with subject matter talks, research, product iteration, testing

Learning Outcome: A physical fabricated minimal viable product prototype with validation.

Personas and the User Journey

Duration: 2 hours

Description:  Understanding your key user/users, the difference between your customer and user and how to make them both happy, and creating journey maps with key pain points and interventions in reference to your idea.

Learning Outcome:  3 key persona templates with a completed journey map for one user and their problems and interactions with your solution, product or brand.

Creative Confidence

Duration: 2 hours

Description:  Learn key creativity techniques to assist with your ideation and human centred problem solving to build your entrepreneurial mindset and creative approach to solutions.

Learning Outcome:  Technique skills to expand your ideas and start thinking out of the status quo solutions.

Creative Leadership

Duration: 2 hours

Description:  Learning how to encourage an entrepreneurial mind in your team, how to build creativity to problem solving and how to get your team on the one page working towards the same goal.

Learning Outcome:  The skills to build and run a successfully entrepreneurial agile team.

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